Top Notch Agent in Every way

We were so fortunate to find Lorraine randomly when my husband and I saw a local listing that peaked our interest but upon seeing it found it was not the right fit. At that time we were just curious non-serious “buyers” who were in no rush to sell or buy. After meeting Lorraine I asked for her to send me listings based on our very particular specs and price point. Several months later, Lorraine sent us a listing that fit the bill, we reached out, looked at the home, and were immediately interested. However, not anticipating finding the perfect home, we needed to move quickly. We had not even thought about having our home on the market and immediately felt panicked. Thank God for Lorraine. She helped us get our house cleaned up and market ready in record time! She gave advise on worth while projects, staging, and other tips to help it show its best. Moreover her advise as to listing price and timing was absolutely on point and truthfully I think made all the difference to making our transaction a success. We received multiple offers after the first open house. Lorraine helped us with all the negotiations both with the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old. She was in constant communications with both agents and kept us updated.

Throughout the entire process I felt that she was a strong advocate for us and had our best interests in mind. At no point did we feel pressured in anyway. It was evident that she cared about making us satisfied and happy. On top of that she went above and beyond in so many ways and when I tell friends who went through the same experience of buying and selling a house simultaneously (which was stressful enough!) they are very impressed with the services we received from Lorraine as compared to other agents they uses. Lorraine is a top notch agent in every way, she is careful with detail, responsive, and diligent and you cannot go wrong with trusting her with your home purchase or sale – or both!