West End Residential is committed to providing the consumer with well-informed, full-service real estate assistance by applying smart market knowledge and analysis coupled with a strong digital marketing campaign. West End consultants work with their clients to develop custom strategies to solve their real estate needs based on current market driven data. These strategies can include innovative renovation solutions, staging implementations, and affiliations with financial partners. Connections with all market areas maximize the potential for cross-exposure for clients in symbiotic markets. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high quality service & digital marketing to achieve a smart, efficient, flexible and successful real estate experience.” 

WE Philosophy

People do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. WE feel that residential real estate needed an updated view, a more collaborative and informative approach. It needed a better understanding of Digital Marketing and how it applies to selling your home. There needed to be a more flexible and customizable way. This is why we created our own Bizona; our own business personality which more closely aligns with today’s buyers and sellers. It is time to have a real estate company teaching, analyzing and demonstrating what is happening in the real estate market, especially in the digital arena.   

How it All Began

The name West End comes from the forward-thinking, business and entertainment district of London. London’s West End is comparable to midtown Manhattan, so Morristown’s West End Residential invokes the connection of Morristown as one of the most popular suburban destinations west of NYC.

WE Mission

“Our goal is simple; WE want to provide a high quality, efficient and flexible real estate experience for all residential real estate transactions”.