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"The Glue"

Posted by West End Residential on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 9:16am.

Behind every successful team, there is an efficient administrative professional and West End Residential's Cali DeCaro deserves all our praise. WE sit down with her today to learn more about her passion and dedication to the West End Residential Team.

Tell me about yourself: I grew up in Randolph and moved back to the area about 7 years ago. I have a 9-year old daughter and outside of my role at West End Residential, I own a photography business where I specialize in newborn and family photography. I have a wicked sweet tooth that my daughter shares so we love trying out bakeries or getting frozen yogurt. I'm also a big animal lover--I used to manage an alpaca and llama farm. I love organization and helping other people.

How long have you been with West End Residential and what is your role?: I started at West End Residential in March 2018 and I am the office and marketing administrator. I do everything from managing our social media accounts and designing marketing materials to updating paperwork and organizing our cloud-based systems.

What interested you in becoming part of the West End Team?: I instantly loved everything about West End! Esthetically, I loved the look and vibe of the office but I also loved my initial meeting with Janis and Danielle. I could tell they were a caring, strong and fun team and I knew I wanted to be a part of it in any way I could. 

Do you have any background in Real Estate or any related fields?: I was a real estate photographer prior to coming to West End Residential, and still help to manage other real estate photographers, but working at West End is my new home base. 

What do you love about being part of the West End Team?: I absolutely love the work I am doing. It's different every day and I’m constantly being challenged which is something I've always looked for in a job. I also love the people. Janis and Danielle are very strategic in their hiring and it shows. Everyone on the West End Residential team is kind, fun and caring. I believe it's a big part of why WE are growing at such a rapid pace--people are happy when they are here, surrounded by wonderful people and when others see that they want to be a part of it. 

 What has been the highlight of your West End experience so far?: DOGS! I am mildly dog-obsessed so when I interviewed and there was a dog here it took all of my willpower to not get on the floor and roll around with him. Now that everyone knows me, I’ll admit, I shamelessly roll around with dogs on the floor or couch and it makes my day! I believe that when you allow dogs into the work environment there’s a certain amount of "feeling like home" that comes with that. I think it reiterates how West End Residential treats the workspace and each other as more of a family than coworkers or competition. My daughter always told me I should get a job where they let dogs into the office and I hit the jackpot!! In all seriousness though, I feel like the highlight of my West End Residential experience so far has simply been being a part of something that is fueled by passion, love and joy while being surrounded by awesome people and doing a job I really love. 

What do you like about the environment West End provides?:  My last "office job" was at a doctors office and while I loved my co-workers I was never happy to go to work. Since working at West End Residential I have never once dreaded coming to work, in fact, each day I wake up excited to see what my day will hold. The office environment is so peaceful that it's become a happy-place for me--I just love being here. I also appreciate how family-friendly Janis and Danielle are. They truly understand all of the random stuff that can come up when you have a child (half days, sick days, appointments etc) and their flexibility and understanding is unlike anything I've experienced with previous employers. It's nice to feel so supported.

How do you envision your career with West End progressing?: I picture myself moving into the WE offices, living there forever and having multiple dogs! Just kidding...kind of. I would love to continue my role as office/marketing admin while pursuing my real estate license. I think having the extensive real estate knowledge everyone here has will make me better at my job and allow me to help the team more effectively.

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