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Lesson to Collaborate is Still a Perfect Match by Leslie Allen

Posted by West End Residential on Monday, May 21st, 2018 at 11:31am.

Billie Jean King's Lesson to Collaborate is Still a Perfect Match by Leslie Allen

Billie Jean King was one of my mentors on the WTA Tour. Billie's credo to collaborate with your "competition" still resonates with me today in my work as a keynote speaker, Win4Life mentor, and real estate salesperson. Working with Janis Devito, Broker of Record at West End Residential (WE) also reminds me of my pro tennis days with Billie Jean King, the mentor to everyone in the “locker room”. With her indomitable spirit and can-do attitude Billie taught us (regardless of ranking) our responsibilities as pro tennis players and instilled that it was our duty to always put out the best product possible (Women’s Professional Tennis). Janis, like Billie, has an indomitable spirit and a can-do attitude which permeates every aspect of West End. Janis teaches everyone (regardless of experience) how to analyze the market and expects every WE agent to be educated and up-to-date on all things real estate so that we can provide our clients with the best full service real estate experience.

Tennis is an individual sport, however Billie showed us the benefit of working collaboratively. Yes, we wanted to beat the brains out of one another on the court, but it was not unusual for one player to give another a tip on a certain stroke or to exchange match strategy. Working together we all improved and realized our bigger purpose: to grow the WTA Tour. Real Estate is also an “individual sport.” In most shops it’s every agent for themselves; however the culture at West End is completely different. Just like Billie showed the value of working together, Janis encourages us to learn a lot from one another, to share our best practices, and we do so freely because in the end, we know we are making one another better, and our clients will have the best experience possible. With her trademark “Go For It”, Billie Jean King championed every player’s success each step of the way. Janis Devito does the same with her signature “Just *@!&#%$ Go For It!” WE feels familiar, like my “tennis family’, and is the perfect match for this champion athlete’s championship service.

Leslie Allen is a Real Estate Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Champion Athlete, Win4Life Trainer and Humanitarian. 

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